Beauty of the Week Shares Exercise & Dieting Tips

By// Mariah Craddick

Our latest Beauty of the Week, Jasmin Johnson, is a self-proclaimed fitness freak. She gave JET her top five exercise and workout tips for a more fit and healthy bod:

Tip #1: Run, Forrest! 

Jasmin says running is her go-to exercise for cardio–whether it’s in the gym on a treadmill or outside pounding the pavement. She recommends starting your workouts off with a run for at least five minutes, though she runs for 30.

Tip #2: A little goes a long way

Target-area workouts are a good way to avoid tiring your body out. Jasmin says do one zone a day. “Arms and abs on Monday.Tuesday you might rest,” she says. “Then Wednesday, do legs, back and chest.”

Tip #3: Sans meat

Cutting out meat has been the most difficult thing for Jasmin, especially being a Southern girl. But she says she’s in the process of eliminating it from her diet in hopes of one day becoming vegan.

Tip #4: H2O

We’ve all heard it before–and we all know it’s true. Water, water and more water! Not only does it quench your thirst after a workout, it does wonders for your skin, digestion and more.

Tip #5: A vitamin a day

Jasmin suggests taking a vitamin supplement everyday. She especially likes B12 vitamins which help a great deal with energy and digestion. “They’re real,” she says.

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