Balenciaga Is Out Here Trying To Sell An Ikea Bag

Finesse of the day.

Balenciaga is out here trying to sell an $2,000 leather bag that strongly resembles an Ikea bag which is .99 cents.

Nothing is original, everything is burrowed.

It is clear that the designers at Balenciaga were bored when they decided to make this oversized deep baby blue tote bag and sell it for $2,145.  Even the product description says, “over-large shopper tote,” so that one can perhaps carry their oversized designer housewares.

For people on a budget, your Ikea tote bag will totally be on trend. Representatives at Balenciaga have yet to come forth with the overall design inspiration. But I wouldn’t either.

Who wore it better?

The iconic Ikea bag just got a major makeover from Balenciaga.

Here’s the ikea tote for $0.99.



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