The IT Bag Of The Season Is All In The Hardware

It’s all in the details this spring. 

This past weekend’s shopping trip has lead to the discovery of the It bag of the season and let us be the one to tell you that it’s all in the hardware. Luckily, this season anyone can indulge in their own rendition of the IT bag because it is not limited to just one bag! That’s right, there are no waiting lists because whether you buy your hardware bag handle from Zara or a vintage shoppe, you will be totally on trend either way.

This season, the hand bag is being introduced with these dynamic, edgy and minimalistic metal bag handles. Put the long greasy bag straps on hold for second, and re-examine what life is like smaller and much more simpler with a handle made of sick hardware.

Here are our top favorites!

The It bag of the season is at Zara for under $40!

Shop the metallic hand bags here.

OTTE NY’s Brass Handle Bag is the perfect shade of purple.

But our favorite has to be M2Malletier ‘s Annabelle Clutch Bag With Chain Strap bags! 

Shop here.