Art East New York Honor NYC Based Women Artists Of Color

Artist Jazmine Hayes -"Bloodline"

When art and commerce collide. 

Cultural non-profit organization ARTs East New York have partnered Black Employees at Time Warner to present “Celebrating Women Artists & Photographers” an exhibit at Time Warner’s headquarters location in Manhattan , that showcases art and photography, as well as honors the artistic voices of NYC-based Women Artists of Color.

The event aimed to promote female exhibitions, since less than 20 percent of the solo exhibitions are women led in the US.

Artist Jazmine Hayes -“Bloodline”

The exhibit is curated by multimedia artist, photographer/videographer, writer/poet Madi Dangerously and features the artwork of Gabrielle Baker, an abstract painter from Harlem, Amy Collado the Brooklyn-bred founder of Hood Relucs, LLC, Madi Dangerously, Jazmine Hayes, a visual artist born, raised, and based in Brooklyn,painter Deirdra H. Hazeley, Kasieso De Jesus, among other black artists in the New York metropolitan area.


 “This exhibit is a direct response to these disparaging statistics. By providing multidisciplinary female artists of color the opportunity to showcase their work during Women’s History Month in association with the global brand (Time Warner Inc.), ARTs East New York is bringing the obligatory attention to the continuous gender equality struggle in relation to equal pay and unbiased exposure in the arts and society.” says Catherine Green, Executive Director of ARTs East New York. 


ARTs East New York Inc. (AENY) is committed to promoting multi-disciplinary arts as a means to address socioeconomic issues facing East New York, Brooklyn.

Artwork by Lili Lopez

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