Apple to Unveil New iPad Today, More

Apple Inc
Apple Inc

Apple has an event planned for Tuesday (October 23) where techies say the company is definitely unveiling an iPad mini. However, rumor has it that other technology will also be debuted too. TechCrunch reports on the possibility of a retina MacBook Pro, a redesigned iMac and Mac Mini, iTunes ’11 (also known as “New itunes”) and a refreshed iPad.

People in the tech world have seen early versions of the iPad mini, which is the only confirmed gadget to be revealed at the moment. It is said to have a 7.85-inch screen an A5 processor instead of the A6, according to early reports, and 512MB of RAM, though 1GB is also a possibility. It’s expected that the device will have Wi-Fi and cellular variants, though writers at TechCrunch speculate that we could also see a both a 3G and an LTE version sold separately. Internal storage capacities will likely start at 16GB and range up to 64GB, but there’s  some suggestion we may even see 8GB versions at the low end.