Internet Meme Pepe The Frog Got Zara In Major Trouble

Major frog face. 

Pepe the frog has done it again and this time, the internet meme got Zara in trouble.

Early this week, a writer noticed the $40 denim skirt online and tweeted out her reaction.

But is Pepe The Frog Really Racist?

The viral meme has been a true internet gem as  people from all different backgrounds use it to poke fun at various topics. But we did some research and it appears that Pepe may have gone over to the dark side.

According the LA Times:

“In May, the Daily Beast spoke to a white supremacist who said there had been a concerted effort on the site 4chan to “reclaim Pepe” from normal people in late 2015. Pepe had gone mainstream: He’s been tweeted by Katy Perry, who said she has a “Pepe file” on her computer, and has made multiple appearances on Nicki Minaj‘s Instagram. So the supremacist group remixed him with Nazi propaganda for a laugh.”

OMG Zara did not do their research.

Since the girl’s tweet went viral,  it has led ZARA to pull the product from their shelves online and in-stores. Would you still wear Zara’s denim skirt?