How to Afford a Luxurious Vacation

How many times have you found yourself day dreaming about lounging by the pool all day, bathed by the sun and enveloped in luxury?

If you’re anything like me, you do it often, and it feels like it will never end.  That is until you check your bank account and remember that you were only dreaming.

*Cue tears*

Travel dreams like the one I described don’t have to stay figments of your imagination, however.  Recently I was able to live out one of my travel bucket list dreams and stay at the uber luxurious NIZUC Resort and Spa in Mexico, and let me just say this…reality is so much better!

Nestled in exotic seclusion on the Punta Nizuc, the 29-acres of NIZUC Resort & Spa seem miles away from the party scene one would envision when they think of Cancun.  NIZUC (nih-ZOOK) means ‘dog nose’ in Mayan and describes the shape of the peninsula between Laguna Nichupté and the Caribbean Sea at the gateway of the Riviera Maya, but in reality it should mean Heaven.

With prices starting around $475 a night for their garden view rooms, don’t let the sticker price shock you.  NIZUC is worth every single penny, and more.  From the moment you arrive, the amazing and thoughtful staff greet you (and each other) with a right hand over their heart and a slight nod, a gracious preview of the peaceful journey you’re about to embark on during your stay.  Clear waters, tasteful art and natural light surround you from every corner of the property and fill you with the feeling of Zen.

I’m immediately in love.

Out of the 274 rooms on the resort, the ocean view suite I chose for my stay had to be the most stunning one. The warm palette of earth and gray colors harmonized perfectly and didn’t compete with the room’s main attraction, the view. Huge doors framed the crystal clear blue turquoise waters of the private beach below and could easily be viewed from my comfy king size bed.  After unpacking I set out to enjoy all the property had to offer which includes 2 private white sand beaches, six world-class restaurants, three bars, beautiful black mosaic pools, 2 tennis courts, and the 30,000 SqFt spa by the prestigious brand ESPA.  And if all that wasn’t enough, my personal concierge Stephanie (yup, a personal concierge!) arranged for a private cooking class in the kitchen of the contemporary Mexican cuisine restaurant, Ramona.  Score!

After exploring the grounds and cooking a delicious meal, the itis set in and I wanted to catch a tan and relax, so off to the pool I went.  I set up shop in a cabana and was immediately greeted by the world famous Hector The Protector (seriously, he’s all over Trip Advisor), who took care of my every need and made sure my glass was always full as I splashed around the pool for three glorious hours.  As I walked back to my room to prepare for dinner, I stopped to indulge in the pinkish sunset bathing the property. It was in that moment that I realized something, I was living my dream.  I was calm, relaxed and surrounded by natural luxury.  NIZUC was even better than my daydreams and I can’t wait to return for another stay.

Now it’s time for you to live out your travel dreams!  If you’ve been daydreaming about a destination or luxury hotel, but your wallet won’t let you be great, follow these tips I used to help me save for my Mexican dream:

Start a travel fund.  If you want to reach your travel goals, you need to make travel a priority. Adding between $20 and $100 to your fund every paycheck can add up and get you to your goal quickly. Stay focused!

Monitor travel sites for flight deals.  My flight to Mexico was under $400 because I caught a deal on Airfarewatchdog.  I also subscribe to The Flight Deal newsletter and it’s full of amazing airfare deals.

Book hotels during shoulder and low seasons.  Sure it’s fun to go on vacation during the summer or during holidays, but it is also more expensive.  Traveling during shoulder season (the time between low and high seasons) or during low season, when hotels don’t expect much traffic, can more than likely to get you a good rate.

Don’t be afraid to ask about deals and promotions.  Not sure if your hotel or tour company has any specials going? Be sure to check their website, or call/email the company directly and ask!  For example, NIZUC offers a complimentary night when you book a 2 night stay.  Deals like his definitely help ease costs.

Remember you deserve it.  Sometimes we skip treating ourselves to luxury vacations because we get caught up on how much things cost. But after working hard, taking care of kids, passing that midterm, etc, we deserve to spoil ourselves from time to time. As long as bills are paid and kids are fed, take a moment to treat yourself to your dreams…you deserve it!

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