A Better Way Chicago Kicks Off Contest

By//Najja Parker

In the midst of all the exciting Chicago celebrations happening this summer, at least one organization, A Better Chicago, is celebrating the community work of non-profits through its annual social innovation competition.  But read fast, you only have until July 19 to enter!

With Chicago ranking third in extreme poverty, the Project Impact competition seeks out non-profit organizations that work to equip disadvantaged Chicagoans with the education, skills and credentials needed to rise out of poverty.

“There are innovative non-profits who are helping to solve these problems, so by having a competition it really can be he catalyst to help organizations get the resources they need,” said Kate Attea, managing director of A Better Chicago, a non-profit venture philanthropy fund.

To be eligible, applicants must have been around for less than five years and serve early childhood development, k-12 education or workforce development. Applications are due July 19.

Once the selection committee winds down the list to four, the finalists battle it out by presenting their organization to a panel of judges.

What exactly is the grand prize?

The winner will receive a whopping $100,000 and 12 months of managing support. Those who earned second through fourth place aren’t left out either. They will win $20,000.

Last year’s winner, Restoring the Path, secured a new facility, hired its first employees and acquired insurance with the award.

Attea knows this year will be a success too. She said its all about creating a solid landscape for non-profits to better life for Chicagoans.

“It’s important that we as a community come up with solutions to help them change their trajectory in life,” said Attea.

Check out their website for more information on the contest.