6 Simple Habits to Keep Your Marriage on Fleek

I’ll be the first to admit that developing new habits is pretty tough for me. My guess is that it’s pretty tough for most people. As we get older, we get pretty set in our ways – good or bad. Trying a new way of doing things, even if we know it’s what’s best for us, can be pretty hard.

But, it’s no surprise that developing new (and beneficial) habits can do a lot for the quality of our lives. Whether it’s sleeping better, eating healthier foods, or cutting back on stress – we all know that a good habit can go a really long way to making us happier.

However, let’s be real. Being happier isn’t just about changing habits that simply impact us on an individual level. Happiness also stems from developing good habits around how we experience our most intimate relationships. Some of the things we fight about most in our marriages are connected to habits that probably could, and should, be changed.

Now needing to change a few things doesn’t mean you’re a bad spouse. It means you’re human. The problem isn’t really your need to develop new habits. Typically, a problem persists because there is a lack of desire and drive to develop new habits.

And, although some habits are tougher to implement than others, there are a few small habits that, if done daily, can really have a positive impact on your marriage.

These are daily habits that help marriages last. So what are they? Here you go!

Start the day in a pleasant way

I am no stranger to the morning madness. When two people are getting ready for work, and you also have children who are getting ready for school, mornings can be a bit hectic.

But couples have to be mindful enough to not let the craziness take away from the need to connect. Whether it’s a pleasant, “good morning!” or a kiss and warm embrace before you head out the door, always take the time to start your day off as husband and wife in a positive way – no matter how small the gesture is.

Check in at least once during the day

Busy day? I get it. But don’t let that stop you from making a phone call or sending a text message to tell your spouse you are thinking of him, you miss her, or anything else that can add a smile to his or her day.

The small things make such a difference and everyone likes to feel like someone they love is thinking of them.

Be helpful without being asked

I love when I ask my husband to do something and he does it without hesitation. Do you know what I love even more than that?

I love when I don’t ask him to do anything and he does something super helpful just because he thought it would be a nice thing to do. I believe people should ask for help when they need it, but I also believe we should do out best to offer help where we see a need.

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