6 Helpful Tips When Meeting His Mom

We all know that the woman who comes first in your man’s life is indeed his mom. Well, at least it should be. Meeting your significant other’s mother for the first time can be nerve-wrecking, but there is really nothing to stress about. Here are some tips on what to do when meeting that special someone’s mother.

1. Look the part.

When you’re meeting the mom, it’s best to leave your comfy, lounge-wear at home. First impressions are everything, and it could catch a mom off guard if you come sporting your dingy t-shirt paired with that favorite pair of yoga pants you love so much. Keep it classy and simple, and keep in mind where exactly you all are meeting. Hair and make-up is also key, so don’t overdo it. Less is always more.


2. Don’t be vulgar.

If you naturally have a potty mouth, it’s good to filter yourself when meeting someone’s mother. Try not to drop any f-bombs or distasteful words. You wouldn’t want your mother hearing you curse up a storm, so I’m sure your mate’s mom would feel the same. Keep it mommy friendly!


3. Do your research.

Upon meeting the mom, it’s best to know a little bit about her beforehand. Ask your significant other about her interests, as it helps you gauge her as a person. It not only let’s her know that your loved one talks about her to you, but it also can spark a conversation.

4. Be social.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend is bringing you around their mother, they are clearly taking the relationship seriously. They want you to engage in conversation with their mother because that could potentially be your family too. So always be sure to chime in on conversations taking place. You don’t want to just sit there and look annoyed, or unhappy to be there. Just have fun, and stay engaged, just as you would if you were meeting up with a friend.


5. Avoid PDA.

PDA is perfectly fine at times, but keep it to a minimum when meeting someone’s parent. Of course, they know things may be intimate between you two, but there’s no need to constantly remind them. It’s always nice to be respectful of parents, especially if you are in their home.

6. Stay off your phone.

Nowadays, parents are the biggest critics of this generation’s obsession with technology. It’s also quite rude to be glued to your phone when meeting someone for the first time. Your attention and focus should be on them, not what’s currently trending on social media. Mom may be interested in a selfie though!


If you’ve ever panicked about meeting the parents, just know that it really is not that bad. Be yourself, and indeed you will be mommy meeting ready!