5 Tips For Wearing The Perfect Bra Size

The bra, It’s that one piece of clothing that’s an absolute must in every woman’s wardrobe no matter what job you are doing daily.

Once known as the brassiere, when women lead marching rebelling against the act of wearing this one important garment, the bra is still very much the same today and we’re still clueless about how to find the perfect fit. According to a study conducted by Women’s Wear Daily, 64 percent wear the wrong bra size. This is probably because there are no universal bra size. Each brand follows their own garment mechanicals. Whether you’re obsessed with Victoria’s Secret, lust over Agent Provocateur or like to keep it basic with Bailey’s, no two bras are ever the same. Here are 5 tips to wearing the perfect bra size.

  1. Make sure you go for a bra fitting twice a year. Just about any department store will have a  body and intimates section that will have an associate on hand to conduct a proper bra fitting. Even though a bra fittings are complementary in many stores, many women are freaked out about the act of getting this checkout, because it’s weirdly uncomfortable being exposed to a total stranger. But this is probably the very reason a large percentage of the female popular are wearing the wrong bra size. Find a bra specialist that can potentially become your fairy bra godmother and make your visit to buy new bras much more enjoyable.
  2. Stick to a brand that fits. Like your go-to little black dress, make sure you have a brand that you know your size. This will make internet shopping for the best bra deals so much more convenient, not to mention it will save you time.  
  3. Find a bra style that matches your style. Are you a t-shirt bra type of woman, sports bra type of cozy girl , champion for lace or sheer sexual being? Whatever bra style you are into, it’s essential to own bras that fit your clothes. It is no longer acceptable to visibly see lumps or rhinestones protruding from a silk blouse or boyfriend tee shirt.
  4. Get rid of old bras. Bra specialists will all agree that a bra is only good for six months. Yes, you read that right. Although, we may not always practice what we preach, bras stretch out of shape and lose their wonder. (side note: maybe that’s why our grandmothers use to call it the wonder bra?) Every time a bra is hooked and snapped into place, then unsnapped and stretched across the body, its life cycle decreases.
  5. Wash on the gentle cycle, hand wash and hand to dry. There are detergents specially sold for cleaning fancy bras. Keep the bra’s shape by machine washing in warm water on a gentle cycle, or keep it old school and wash in your sink and hang to dry.

Photo: Tinashe For Paper Magazine