5 Tech Accessories You Need On Your Desk

The best thing about having a desk is the personalized trinkets.

Your office space is an extension of your life. Like the perfect chair, the most efficient tech accessories that occupy your desk with not only get you through the day’s work faster, it will make work fun. Today’s desks are all about the devices that make us all want to do our jobs better. The tech market is filled with products that are an Amazon prime purchase away. Based on industry, here are the products you need on your desk right now.

For Creative Directors


An iPhone printer and external lens is revolutionary for any creative who is obsessed with film and instant photography. The Starry Eye attachable lens gives photos an vintage artsy perspective shot from an iPhone 6.  Pair your new photos with a hand held printer.

Available at Urban Outfitters

For The Fashion Designer

Nowadays, it’s really important for fashion designers to constantly grab inspiration from anything and anywhere, and a virtual reality headset is great for stepping into environments from the comfort of a workstation. On the Virtual Reality Headset,  you can watch movies in 3-d, Netflix and download content  straight from your iPhone to this super cool headset.

Available at Urban Outfitters 

For Business

You’re always on the go, from one place to another and leaving luggage behind is something that happens. This convent luggage tracker will help with locating and keeping track of business

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For The Music Executive

For music executives, sound is important. A pocket – size blue tooth speaker will be your secret weapon for demo -listening hour at your desk. It’s mini so it won’t take up too much space, plus the sound quality is A1.

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