5 Pieces Every New York Girl Wears 

Issa movement. 

Living and thriving in New York is a job and there’s also a mandatory black uniform. A nice pair of black denim, leather boots, and statement purse will get you through these mean streets.

Killer style.

Everyone has their own idea of New York style. It’s black on black with a cute leather jacket all year long. New York girls wake up with a business state of mind, even if last night’s party ended way too late. There’s no secret to the style, it is whatever will get you through a work day, and then to happy hour, and perhaps another event.

That’s why a true New York girl is always dressed in heels and ready to turn up to another event to socialize and network. In a city that never sleeps, your style has to adapt.

Click through to see our five essential items for true New York style.

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