5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who waited a little late to get your mom a little something for Mother’s Day. Don’t fret, you still have a few days to get it together. Here are five gifts that we think your mom might love.

Lo and Sons Travel Bag


Lo & Sons is a luxury bag line started by two brothers who wanted to create a functional baggage solution for their oft-traveling mother (Helen Lo). They noticed that their 60-something mom, who had back issues, was often struggling with getting from point A to point B because her baggage wasn’t very practical and set out to invent  lightweight, functional bag that was still stylish. As a result they quit their respective jobs to launch their now thriving company. Today, the brand’s most popular bags are the O.G. and the O.M.G., which range in price from $275 to $295. They also have other products like laptop and camera bags. This week, the brand is offering %15 off until May 12.

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