5 Items You Shouldn’t Buy With Your Tax Refund

Don’t waste your cash. 

Congratulations, you finally received your tax refund and you’re ready to buy something super cool. It’s easy to buy a bunch of fast fashion pieces from Zara on any given day, so choose wisely.

How To Spend Your Money Wisely

This month, a lot of people will finally have 5-figures and beyond in their bank accounts and will buy items that they really don’t need. If we were you, we wouldn’t buy these items.

Beauty Products

I’m sure it’s a really good idea to buy a bunch of makeup at Sephora or Bloomingdale’s because you will get treated like royalty once they know you want to spend $500 but it’s a waste of money in the long run. Makeup actually expires and it’s not really a necessity. Get a facial or invest in a new set of makeup brushes instead. 

A Pair Of Balmain Jeans

OMG please don’t spend $1000 on denim that were probably made at the same factory as a $100 pair of Levi’s. So obviously buy a pair of Levi’s. 

An Expensive Pair of Shoes

Whether you’re buying Louboutin’s or Yeezy, both are a waste of your hard earned money. Instead of buying these brands, invest in a pair of work shoes that will get you to the next income bracket. 


This clearly isn’t an item, but don’t spend your tax refund on whole foods or any expensive food stop you couldn’t afford. It’s a waste of money! Invest in a detox plan or meal service like Blue Apron.

A Trip To The Casino

It’s not a good idea to spend our tax refund at the casino. The odds of doubling your money are low. Instead, take advantage on flight deals and hotel resort groupons.