Why New School Married Folks Get on My Nerves!

Our resident wedding planner explains the new save-the-date video trend.
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Married people get on my nerves!!! Okay, now that I’ve got your attention and you probably have a slight defensive attitude let me explain. First and foremost, this isn’t something I originally thought.

But I started thinking it more and more when I heard a single person speak on how married people get on their nerves because they have the thing that they wish for but haven’t been able to find.

They’ve found that love, that companion, that “soul mate,” that commitment, that partnership that people yearn for, yet, let them tell it, they are as miserable as ever and wish they were single. Well let me add on to this idea and take it one step further on why NEW SCHOOL married people get on my nerves.

DISCLAIMER: I’m mot saying that old school married people didn’t have their issues, but because I am more closely related to the new school married folks, I can say these things and I believe we have to be willing to make a shift in order for our marriages to last!

They spend more money on WEDDINGS than WISDOM!

According to, the average cost of an American wedding is $31,213. Couples are pulling out all of the stops to make sure their weddings are Facebook ready and Instagram famous, utilizing hashtags and all.

While I see nothing wrong with that, that same couple is less likely to invest in any pre-marital counseling, any couples counseling, conferences, books, workshops etc, but then they wonder why the first time they run into a marital issue they have no clue how to handle it.

One year later they’re divorced. Marriage doesn’t just take love, it takes skill and sometimes that skill comes from seeking new information. How is it that we live in the information age yet we seem more ignorant that ever?? Hmmmm

They tell the entire world their business!

You know, the older I get and look back at old school marriages, the one thing I notice is that they could be having all kinds of issues but not many people knew about it. Usually you wouldn’t find out until you were an adult and your mom or dad starts confessing all of the things you never knew about their relationship.

More times than not, they had a united front in public. This new school era will have a relationship status of “married” on Monday and by Friday it will be “It’s complicated.” They will call their mate out on social media platforms on Tuesday, then be on date night by Saturday.

They will tell their entire circle of friends and their parents every time they are going through an issue and then wonder why their friends and parents don’t get along with their mate. As married people, you have to learn to work through your issues inside of your marriage. While it’s important to have an outlet, Facebook and family don’t need to know everything!

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