First African Made Smartphone, Tablet Coming Soon

By// Brandon Byrd

The United States has Apple while most of Asia uses Samsung products, but soon Africa will join the technology creation market with their own brand of smart phones and tablets. VMK, a Congolese technology company, has announced plans to release both a smartphone and tablet tailored to the needs and wants of African people, reports The Grio. Verone Mankou, VMK’s founder and owner, stated that their newest products, the Way-C tablet and the Elikia smartphone, have been priced, designed, and marketed for the everyday African in mind.  The Congolese company prides themselves on their authenticity and honoring their African heritage for example, the Way-C tablet’s name means “the light of the stars” while Elikia translates to “hope” in the local language.

With cost-conscious pricing and simple but current tech specs, Mankou believes that his homegrown technology will give all Africans a chance to afford advanced technology created with their interests in mind.  Though the company holds firm to their African development and market, VMK’s newest product will be using Google Android operating systems and will be manufactured in China.  This has caused some uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of the product, after several other African based technology companies were caught marketing third-party products as their own. However, VMK disregards all notions of such claims around their products.  There is no exact date on when the Way-C tablet and Elikia smartphone will be available but it will be solely marketed to Africa.