18-19. Make the smart move

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis senior Jeremy Johnson, left, speaks with IU financial aid office employee Roy Durnal, about his financial standing, Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2004, in Indianapolis. Thousands of Indiana University students might not be able to use their federal aid money to begin the school year because of a problem with a new computer software system. Funds from student federal loans and other aid have been sent to IU, but in some cases students do not have access yet to the money in their accounts, school officials said. (AP Photo/The Indianapolis Star, Mpozi Mshale Tolbert)

Never underestimate an easy-looking class. The “easy-A” class does not exist.

If you find yourself struggling, ask for help. Universities and colleges usually have lots of on-campus resources like tutors to help students out academically. They can also have resources if you’re struggling financially or emotionally. Swallow your pride and walk into your campus’ information center one day; you’ll be surprised.

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