10 Swimsuits to wear to an around the way beach

Swimsuits that are just right for your basic paradise. 

Every beach day isn’t in clear blue and green weather on the south of whatever’s paradise. Weekends are for short trips to local beaches where the water is more like a brownish blue. This type of water requires a basic motel swimwear.

The darker the better

It’s highly suggested to stay clear of white or light-colored swimsuits that will stain in the water or in that pesky public bathroom. An around-the-way beach is your favorite spot on the jersey shore or a local bay off the highway in Pennsylvania. Keep your suit family friendly and affordable. Choose a suit that is easy to wear and clean, like a pretty blue or orange bikini or easy black one-piece.

Here are our favorite swimsuits for the around the way beach. 

Header image:  Shalaja Swimwear collection
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