10 Reasons to Get Your Butt Down to SXSW

2. Bust out those shorts and skirts! The Weather is poppin’
– Austin’s 70 and 80 degree weather serves as a nice departure from anything happening up north during your visit. Be expected to dress with some fun flair and a bring a nice jacket for those breezy nights out on the town while getting into the mix at Buffalo Billiards, the countless boat and pool parties, The W Hotel Rooftop deck, or just walking down “Dirty 6th” aka 6th Street taking in all the sights and sounds that Austin has to offer.

1. Fun! Fun! Fun! – Above all SXSW is an amazing experience. You’ll have a good time, great laughs, Every component of the experience is made to surround you with some of the top names in tech globally and beyond! Although the investment is pricey there are ways that you can get started and work smart on getting into the mix of next year’s conference.

SXSW Pro & What To Know Tips –

● Have your company pay for it – if you work within the digital or agency space at your company make the case for the trip to SXSW. The things that you’ll learn are more than worthwhile and when you return make sure to give your boss and leadership team the download on what’s next in tech.

● Save that GUAP – SXSW can be expensive if you are rolling out here on the strength of meeting new people or trying to find a new job. As soon as the conference ends, people are saving rooms and planning their budgets for next year. It makes sense to follow their lead. Book your room by September, buy your flights to Austin in November, and be on it!

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