10 Reasons to Get Your Butt Down to SXSW

6. Parties with a Purpose (and OPEN BAR)
– SXSW is known for its parties. Every inch of Austin turns into a party space filled with live music, food, and tons of amazing and friendly people. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or rock out the band that is on the cutting being the next music then coming to Austin to showcase their talent. This year’s SXSW will see events such as Fader Fort, Spotify House, Mashable House, and FEED. Make sure you RSVP for everything or you will miss out on some exciting experiences.

5. Influencer Knowledge is Golden
– If knowledge is power then SXSW is going to turn you into Iron Man or Woman. The interactive panels are filled with digital and social media geniuses like Gary Vaynerchuck (VAYNERMEDIA), Luvvie Ajayi (AWESOMELY LUVVIE), Kat Posey (TECH BY SUPERWOMEN), Scott Hanselman (MICROSOFT), Kimberly Bryant (BLACK GIRLS CODE), Stacey Ferguson (BLOGALICIOUS) and Brian Shields (IncubateNYC) , Patrice Yursik (AFROBELLA), Allison Peters (SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER for ABC’s hit show Scandal), and more.

SXSW Interactive is THE conference to expand your base of knowledge around social media and all things digital. If you’re a tech or social entrepreneur and looking to expand your business or secure venture capital then SXSW is a must. Companies such as Twitter launched at SXSW and became big hits with the SXSW audience helping to give the product an instant fan base and a huge word of mouth advantage.

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