10 Hoop Earrings That Are Work Appropriate

Dangerous territory for the stud-lovers. 

Let’s face it, big hoop earrings make a statement and wearing them to work will attract too much attention. You’re not on a Poetic Justice road trip, work hoops should be somewhat appropriate.

Size matters

Hoop earrings are playful, but the bigger they are the more borderline work appropriate they become. Celebs like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner can’t get enough of hoops in all sizes because they are so versatile. But what happens when you want to pull off the same look for work? When it comes to business casual, drawing too much attention to your ears may not work to your advantage. But hoops are risky and they are traditionally for girls who are fearless and carefree.  Whether you rock a pair of hoops casually with a white tee and jeans or dress them up with a little black dress, add something new to your everyday style.

Here 10 options to wear with your go-to work uniform. 

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