10 Books For Black Youth

We’ve hipped the adults to literature to add to their reading selections. Now, we’re dishing to the youth books that will stir their intellect and entertain their active brains.

It’s never too late to instill cultural richness and creativity in the life of a child. Hopefully, these readings will light their eyes and find a cozy space in their personal library.

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Sharon Robinson, daughter of the iconic Jackie Robinson, pens a colorful and inspirational story about her family. Auntie Sharon and Grandmother BiBi make a trip home to Tanzania where they spend days sharing stories and filling family members in on happenings over time. Soon, Grandma BiBi will be celebrating her 85th birthday and a very special surprise, being planned by her seven grandchildren is in the works. The hush-hush journey is a safari in Serengeti National Park. But, things take a turn and ultimately, could mark their last days together.

The adventurous tale shares historical context dealing with slavery and ancestry. Robinson also paints a portrait that expresses the joys and pains of a family living on two different continents.

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