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Human Emoji Aims for Racial Equity

Insert smiley face! Color is on its way when it comes to those adoring yellow-faced emoji’s that have taken over our text conversations and social media expressed emotions.

The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit group that oversees international coding standards, submitted a proposal for improving the diversity of emoticons.

The proposal on the company’s website reads: “People all over the world want to have emoji that reflect more human diversity, especially for skin tone.”

True. The lack of brown or dark-skinned emoji characters have been topic of conversation among culture influencers from the likes of hip-hop’s Questlove to Apple’s PR department.

Unicode Version 8.0 will feature six tones in the 2015 update, however, the company expresses that the color upgrade will lack the ability to represent all aspects of the human appearance – body type, hair styles, eye color, etc. will not be apart of the new look. Unicode plans to focus on keeping the characters gender-neutral.

Would you like to see an emoji that better reflects you?