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Best Apps To Try On Your Daily Commute

Have you ever witnessed your entire 45-minute train commute dissolve into 5 minutes? That’s usually what happens when you’re drawn into the netherworld of Facebook posts and yes, the ultimate time-killer, Candy Crush.

Sometimes it helps to veg out on Farmville (pun intended). But if you’re scurrying at work to get everything finished at the end of the day, you never have time for networking with colleagues, and you have a laundry list of personal tasks that go unchecked every month perhaps there are other ways you could be using the power of your smartphone.

As opposed to badgering friends and family to help you bake desserts and dash away diamonds, here are three of the best apps that will keep you productive and add more time to your day.

Evernote Hello – Are you seriously still using a Rolodex? For shame. You know what they say, “Your network is your net worth.” If you collect business cards the way you collect bonuses on Diamond Dash then you need to start saving your contacts digitally. Using the camera on your phone, Evernote Hello helps you can scan the front and backs of business cards into your contacts. The app automatically brings in related information about the people you meet from your calendar, Evernote account, LinkedIN, Facebook and other online accounts. Spend 10 minutes a week doing this or when on your way home from a conference or networking opportunity and soon everyone you’ve ever met will literally be at your fingertips.

Mint – Don’t use your lack of time as an excuse to not plan financially. Instead of counting the cards for Texas HoldEm while waiting for your stop, try counting the number of months it will take you to pay off the balance on your highest credit card, or shop for lower interest rates for mortgage and car loans. This free app will help you plan your expenses month by month, keep tabs on all of your bank and credit card accounts and alert you when a bill is coming up. It helps you meet your savings goals and shows you how your spending decisions will affect how much you have left at the end of the month.

LinkedIN – There really isn’t enough time in the day. Sometimes family or work obligations can keep you from attending networking events. Or perhaps, the events are just not in your budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your industry or with clients. Use the LinkedIN app to stay as knowledgeable about the word on the street as you are about Words with Friends. Scroll through the top stories on your app to learn what your network is up to. Congratulate people on promotions or job changes, endorse colleagues for skills, or create custom newsfeeds using Pulse to learn what analysts are saying about the job market and trends in your field this week? Thinking about applying for a new job? LinkedIn will show you who among your contacts work at the potential employer so you can connect with them to get an inside track on the office culture.

YOUR TURN: What apps do you use during your daily commute?  Are you productive or playing around?