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Receipts, business cards, invoices, brochures.

Can’t keep track of receipts for tax season? Weren’t able to get that deduction for your automobile donation last year when you spilled coffee on the acknowledgement slip? Don’t fret. Next year, you’ll be more organized. The Neat Receipts portable digital filing system helps you immediately scan valuable papers that can get lost or ruined. In addition to a portable scanner that adjusts for differently-sized papers and card stock, like business cards, receipts, invoices, etc., the package also includes software that immediately extracts information and makes it searchable by date, name, etc. Save it to the cloud and access it from anywhere.

If you’re in business, consider trying Quickbooks Online. When you think of Quickbooks you think of accounting, but it is really so much more. The software keeps track of everything invoices, payments, receipts, and taxes that need to be paid and its all password protected. Since it is linked to your bank account it will reconcile paper receipts and invoices against bank statements. The best part, its accessible on-the-go and safely stored in the cloud, so if your company faces a disaster, you don’t have to worry if your file cabinets couldn’t stand the heat, wind, or water.

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