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How to Back Up Your Life


Credit card numbers, bank account numbers, insurance contracts, deeds, and titles.

If your purse is stolen, do you know what was in it? If you die, will your family know where to go to find insurance policies, deeds to your family home or automobiles? Are your passwords and pins accessible to your loved ones so they can log into your email accounts and pay your utility and credit card bills? Yes? Ok, I see, you’re well organized. Great! I bet you keep all of that information in a file cabinet in your home office.

Well what happens if your house catches fire or a hurricane blows it away? InformationSafe helps you prepare for the unexpected—a natural disaster, and the expected—death. With just a click of the mouse or the swipe of a finger on a smart phone, you or your beneficiaries can search pre-designed templates that are organized into seven categories – personal, financial, insurance, legal, health, property and key contacts.

And because it is saved in the cloud, you can access this information from anywhere in the world (i.e. lose your wallet while vacationing in Rome, no problem). Also, InformationSAFE Online allows users to send password protected secure email links directly from the program to authorized individuals, such as family members, accountants, or lawyers, to securely access information in the event of an emergency.

Also try Lemon Wallet, which offers similar services but also saves loyalty cards and your driver’s license.

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