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Hubby of Zoe Saldana Takes Her Name, And?

First off, let me say that I haven’t been too happy with Zoe Saldana of late.

It started with her rubbing darker foundation all over her face, putting on a prosthetic nose and trying to be Nina Simone.  I also wasn’t too pleased with her decision to defend Dolce & Gabbana for their offensive comments on the definition of family.   (I mean, let those fools fend for themselves.)

But I will step up for both her and her hot hubby Marco Perego after the InStyle revelation that he changed his last name to hers and doesn’t give a rat’s tail what we think about it.

That’s right, this adorable couple flouted traditionalism, though she acknowledges she was nervous for him to do that in our patriarchal society.

Apparently, she had reason to be a lil’ shook because I have heard countless radio segments, read headline after headline, and had my timeline flooded with a brigade of pearl clutchers who seem to think this is the end of the world as we know it.  As if we women should be the only ones to experience the distinct joys of changing our names on legal documents, credit cards, and bank accounts after getting hitched…

Man, please.  This is 2015.  And though we are so far from having an equal society, women are making tremendous gains from the box office to the small screen (hey there, Shonda Rhimes), to political office, care of former First Lady-turned-running-her-own-damn-presidential campaign Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And yes, I put the Rodham to remind y’all that while she did take Bill’s name, she didn’t leave her maiden name and identity too far behind.

In a world where (ideally) we can be CEOs, entrepreneurs, action movie stars, directors, and all manner of awesome, why are we clinging to practices that hearken back beyond when we had few options in life, from voting to working?  During a time when we are seeking equal pay, better workplace treatment, and battling pop culture’s obsession with our bodies, it seems radically throwback to be this aghast at this life move from an established actress who clearly wouldn’t change her last name for career reasons.

Instead of wringing your hands, you should be holding them out to shake the hand of this gentleman who recognizes that the mirror has two faces and the door can swing both ways.  There are more and more reasons to leave some traditions, particularly those that offer no tangible benefit, by the wayside and embrace your options.

Maybe you want to take your man’s name.  Maybe you want to hyphenate.  Maybe you want to make up a new name together that both of you can use.

Or hell, maybe like me, you’d just like for there to be more understanding that there should be more choices, people.  Choices!

Please find something else to be outraged about.  Release pearls. And. Breathe.


Not that Mr. Saldana cares, but what do you think about him changing his name to match Zoe’s rather than the traditional way?