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Wedding Wisdom: An Open Letter to LeBron James

Photo by Arica Gonzalez

Welcome to Wedding Wisdom! Every week, JET experts will help you plan your dream nuptials from engagement to “I do.” This week, wedding planner and bride-to-be Tami Smallwood, CEO of blush|WEDDING & EVENT PLANNING FIRM, pens an open letter to Miami Heat star LeBron James and all other soon-to-be grooms.

Photo courtesy of Cellar Door Photography.

Photo courtesy of Cellar Door Photography.

Dear Mr. James,

Congratulations to you on all of your recent success! My fiancé, Cameron, is a huge fan and keeps me posted on your many accolades. What an exciting year?

In addition to celebrating your 10th year in the NBA, you were named NBA MVP again, won your second championship ring and now you are preparing for the ring of a lifetime—your wedding ring.

Cameron yells out advice to you through the TV on game days, but when I learned that you are getting married I told him that I’ve got this! Here are a few pointers that I give grooms all the time. Hopefully, these tips will help on your big day:

Play point guard.  The point guard always leads in “assists.”  As the groom on #TeamWedding, assists will gain you cool points from your No. 1 teammate – making her feel supported and confident.

Try your best to stay in the loop and help your bride make at least a few key decisions. Gone are the days of the disconnected groom. Your assistance will make your bride feel like you’re “down with the team.”

Choose your bench players (groomsmen) wisely. These guys are your support and you should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Make sure that there is at least one responsible guy (hopefully, your best man) that will help keep the rest of the team on point all day!

Provide your wedding planner with some insight on special personality traits. It will be helpful to know which of the guys in the group is always late or the joker. The planner can take these things into consideration when finalizing plans for the big day.

Call time out. It’s easy to get bogged down with wedding planning on top of work and life. Be the leader in calling “time out.” Schedule days when you and your bride can enjoy each other. Put to rest wedding talk or conversations around work for a few hours.

The bride will find your initiation in planning a picnic in the park, or a romantic day trip very sweet and she will be even more excited to be your wife. Discuss the rules beforehand and call “foul” if she attempts to discuss the wedding or work.

Make sure you’re in uniform. Please take some time to carefully select attire that will reflect your personal style and impress your lady. When selecting a suit or tuxedo, make it your own. Do you have a favorite color to add to the ensemble? Consider cool socks, shoes, or glasses to add to your look.

Brides are notorious for spending hours on selecting the perfect dress assured to make your jaw drop. Take this advice to make sure she is wowed when she sees you, too.

Keep your head in the game!! On the wedding day, take in every moment. Pay attention to the all of the details, your vows and of course, your bride.

General Game Day Rules: 

1. Make sure you go to the restroom right before you’ve lined up for procession.  There’s nothing like a nervous bladder causing a five-minute or more break in the procession line.

2. No chewing gum, especially at the altar. No cell phones at all preferably.

3. “Vibrate” is an option, but OFF is even better. You can still hear vibrating phones during quiet moments in the ceremony.

4. Try not to rock or sway back and forth during the ceremony (all guys).

Congratulations again on your upcoming nuptials and if you need any more wedding advice or a few fans to hold a couple of seats at the game, let me know. All the best, Tami