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How to Use Radiant Orchid in Your Wedding

Radiant Orchid Ecclectic


Colors: Dare to choose an analogous color scheme.  Analogous colors are the groups of colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. For the Radiant Orchid, blues and reds are the adjacent colors. They can create a funky and eclectic color palette.

Aesthetics: Go crazy with color and texture variation!  This type of wedding and color scheme also works well with patterns.  Try using various patterns in your fabrics, i.e., table linens and lounge furniture accents.

Fashion:  The use of color and texture is easy to pull off here.  Be bold – but don’t overdo it!  With this whimsical style, you want to create contrast but not too much contrast. When your palette is bold, try to find a few places to hold back.

Flowers:  Mix it up!  Hydrangeas are a nice flower to add spice to a bouquet using this color palette – they can be dyed almost any hue!  But mixtures of orchids also create a nice look.  The key here is to be strategically messy in the arrangements.

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