Wedding Wisdom

How to Use Radiant Orchid in Your Wedding

Radiant Orchid Modern


Colors: Combine the Radiant Orchid hue with cool metallic colors.  Pewter, silver, black, and white create stark contrasts for a modern look.

Aesthetics: Keep it clean and simple.  Sleek lines are always a requirement when a bride says she wants “a modern look.”  This chic and sophisticated scheme doesn’t always have to equate to rectangular or square shapes – but that’s always a good place to start.

Fashion: Put your bridal party in very simple structures.  Stay clear of too much fluff or flow for this modern look.

Flowers: My favorite flowers that speak “modern” are the tulip and the calla lily.  Keep in mind, tulips love warmth, so they tend to open very easily, giving a different look than the sleek look of the closed bud.

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