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2014 Trend Report for Grooms

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Welcome to Wedding Wisdom! Every week, wedding planner Tami Smallwood-Brown, CEO of blush|WEDDING & EVENT PLANNING FIRM, gives tips to help you plan your dream nuptials from engagement to “I do.”  This week, Tami shares fashion trends for grooms.

Photo courtesy of Cellar Door Photography.

Photo courtesy of Cellar Door Photography.

As a wedding expert, I’ve helped my share of grooms choose fashions and accessories for their big day. I fully believe that grooms should be just as fly as the bride—after all it’s his day, too.

Just as a fashion stylist would, I also turn to the looks revealed at New York Fashion Week to bring the hottest styles and trends to my grooms. I must admit that this year’s shows did not disappoint! Check out my 2014 grooms wear trend report…


Not your average jackets: Your wedding wear should reflect your own sense of style. If you’re a non-traditional guy, why not opt for the out-of-the-box look? Metallics and textures were a huge hit at the menswear shows and will make a grand statement for your big day.


Neckwear options: We saw a mix of bow ties and neckties this year both in the fashion industry and the wedding world. And, honestly, this should be your personal choice. But here’s a tip: If you choose the necktie, go for the dimple (the small hollow beneath the knot of your tie). It gives a polished appearance to your finished look.  Create the perfect dimple on your own or with a tool called a dimple clip 


Make mine a double: Double or side vents in the back of your suit will give your attire more of a modern look when compared to the ventless jacket.  Side venting is gaining popularity because the jackets complement most body types and can provide a slimming look on any man.


Could gray be the new black? There were quite a few gray suits on the runways and more grooms have been opting for the more relaxed shades; however, black still works best for formal weddings.


Pocket squares: A nice pocket square can add an extra level of drama, but dare to be different and mix it up a bit. The infamous pocket square doesn’t have to match your necktie pattern or fabric choice.

Bonus tips:

Friends don’t let friends match the bridesmaids: Friends don’t let friends match the bridesmaid. Your style and the style of your groomsmen should be a reflection of your swag, not what your bride picks for her maids. Feel free to steer clear from pastel cummerbunds and matching bow ties and stand firm in your position! You will thank me for it in 15 years when you look back on your timeless wedding photos. No one would know if you were married in 2014 or 2029.

Empty your pocket: All you really need on your wedding day are a few bare essentials. Otherwise, your pockets will be swollen with coins and cell phones in all the photos. Not a good look!

Stand up, stand tall: What’s worse than a guy with bad posture in a suit? When your big day comes, remember to have good, strong posture: shoulders back, chest out and smile!

YOUR TURN: What is your favorite trend for grooms this year?

*All photos are courtesy of Pinterest