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How to Survive a Bridal Show

Our newly engaged digital content editor shares tips for successfully navigating a bridal show.
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It’s only fitting that the majority of bridal shows take place during engagement season. After all, everyone who gets engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day could use a little help when it comes to wedding planning.

So why not gather all the vendors you’ll ever need (and some you don’t) all in one place? Think of it as one-stop shopping for wedding planning…ideally. This past weekend, I attended the Chicago Bridal Expo along with two fellow brides-to-be: my future sister-in-law and college friend.

Now, why would a gal who is planning to get married in Baltimore attend a Chicago bridal show? For the door prizes, hello!

While my mom, dad and sister have been busy attending bridal shows on my behalf back in Baltimore and gathering intel, I scored free tickets to a local show and decided to take full advantage of the perks (free food, pretty dresses, discount offers, oh my!).

But, as we quickly learned, bridal shows can be a bit overwhelming aka sensory overload! First of all, the layout was akin to an IKEA–one way in, one way out: not the best set up for thousands of people! And then they gave us this bridal-bingo card that each vendor had to initial for us to enter a honeymoon giveaway.

It sounded like a good idea at first, but after we listened to a 10-minute spiel about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor, we decided to ditch the cards. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat Lastly, the fashion show was packed! The venue didn’t set up nearly enough seats, so when extra chairs became available it was like real-life Hunger Games up in there!

So, with my newfound knowledge, I’m sharing five tips for successfully navigating a bridal show without losing your mind or patience…

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