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Pinterest: A Blessing and a Curse

Question: How did couples plan weddings before Pinterest?

Answer: Easy. They simply did what they wanted (or could afford) without outside influence from one of the most popular social media sites.

You see, Pinterest and I have a love-hate relationship. I love that there are so many great ideas right at my fingertips…I also hate that there are so many great ideas right at my fingertips!!

As if the plethora of wedding magazines and blogs don’t supply enough information for brides-to-be, here comes Pinterest with more ideas than you’ll ever need. Honestly, it can be a bit of sensory overload. There are so many gowns, rings, bridesmaid dresses, photo opps, hairstyles and favors the whole site can be more than just a little overwhelming.

At the same time, Pinterest can be a wonderful resource and a convenient place to store all of your ideas. I’ve found it’s often easier to show people what you mean rather than trying to describe it…especially because I can only name about five varieties of flowers and it “soft, romantic up-do with loose curls” can have about 1,000 different interpretations.

So far, I’ve had our wedding planner, photographer and potential florist ask for a link to my wedding board, which you can view HERE if you so choose. It seems as though this practice is becoming the industry standard and it’s a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page…er, board…for your wedding vision.

Confession: I may or may not have started a (secret) wedding board before Jeff and I were engaged for the reasons I’ve listed on my personal blog. Don’t judge. At the time, I was writing about weddings for my previous job and wanted to save all the cool and creative ideas I came across in one place.

I guess my advice to other brides-to-be is to use Pinterest as a tool, but don’t let it consume you or comprise your vision. Yes, cute little mason jars are nice, but if you’re opting for a formal affair instead of a rustic barnyard fête, they won’t make much sense.

And, just because it looks like everyone is doing it (Pinterest will have you believe everyone is DIY-ing everything), that is simply not the case and your wedding won’t be any less spectacular for not having five different signature cocktails and an expansive dessert bar. Trust me.

YOUR TURN: Are you using Pinterest to help you plan your wedding? Let us know in the comments (and send any awesome pins my way!)

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L'Oreal and Jeff

L’Oreal and Jeff met in May 2008, became friends and went on their first date at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium in May 2011. They currently reside in Chicago and are planning a fall 2014 wedding in Baltimore with a LOT of purple details. Despite rooting for rival NFL teams, they love laughing and having fun together and look forward to getting married!