Tying the Knot

A New Book for LGBT Wedding Photography

All wedding photography is not created equally, especially when it comes to LGBT couples.

You may think that shooting gay and lesbian couples would be the same as shooting heterosexual couples…but it’s not.

Yes, of course, there’s love and happiness and all that good stuff; however, so-called “traditional” poses featuring a bride and groom may or may not work for gay and lesbian couples.

That’s why Kathyrn Hamm and Thea Dodds have released The New Art of Capturing Love. The guide is intended to serve as visual inspiration for both wedding photographers and LGBT couples and covers everything from engagement sessions to wedding portraits.

The New Art of Capturing Love

When I spoke to Hamm, the president of, she stressed the need for such a guide. Above all, she said it was important not to assume when it comes to photographing gay and lesbian couples:

“Family may be attending, or they may not be invited. The couple may also not be entirely comfortable with public displays of affection,” says Hamm. “Don’t presume what the couple may want to have — start by asking. We suggest photographers do some prep work and spend some time with the couple.”

The New Art of Capturing Love features more than 180 same-sex portraits from photographers across the country. It will be available in stores and online for $24.99 on May 6.

(Feature image photo credit: Maggie Winters Photography)

  • Where can we buy this wedding photo book?

    • lthompson

      It’s available on their website, on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Hope this helps!

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