Tying the Knot

The Moment Our Wedding Planning Became REAL

For some people, it’s the proposal. For other brides-to-be, it’s the moment they “say yes to the dress.” But for me, the moment our wedding became “real,” like, really real, was when Jeff and I applied for our marriage license last week.

That’s when it finally hit me…this is actually happening.

Before we went to the Baltimore City courthouse, I felt as though I were playing some over-the-top version of “dress up” complete with pretty gowns, colorful flowers and yummy cupcakes. But signing the application for our marriage license somehow brought everything we’ve been planning the last six months or so to life.

I was (pleasantly) surprised by how fast and efficient the process was: Are you both over the age of 18? Yes. Are you related by blood? No. Show some ID, hand over $85 (in cash, no less), add your John Hancock and you’re good to go!

Be sure to check the requirements in the state or city you plan to say “I do” beforehand as each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations…you’ll be glad you did!

Now all we need is for our officiant to sign our certificate to make it officially official later this year.

As Jeff so eloquently stated on Instagram, there’s no turning back now. And we couldn’t be happier!

About L’Oreal and Jeff

L'Oreal and Jeff

L’Oreal and Jeff met in May 2008, became friends and went on their first date at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium in May 2011. They currently reside in Chicago and are planning a fall 2014 wedding in Baltimore with a LOT of purple details. Despite rooting for rival NFL teams, they love laughing and having fun together and look forward to getting married!