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Top 10 Proposal Photo Do’s and Don’ts

Credit: George Street Photo & Video

For many women, the twinkling lights of the holidays inspire hope for another source of sparkle- engagement rings. Up to 36 percent of this year’s engagements will happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

If you know your sibling or friend is about to get engaged, you can help them out (and score some major points) by being their in-the-moment proposal photographer.

For the holiday proposal photographer we offer these top 10 proposal photo do’s and don’ts:

1. BE READY to capture the moment.

Don’t be fishing around for your phone AFTER he drops down to one knee!

2. Discretely ask family and friends to stand to one side so you can get a good angle.

The newly-engaged don’t need photo bombers! See what Zach Braff did? Don’t. Be. Zach.

3. Be one sly photographer.

While they will LOVE that you took the photos, remember to stand back a bit and give them their space while you click away. That being said…

4. If you can’t see her face, she can’t see you.

Taking pictures of her lovely hair, or a profile photo is nice, but this is THE time that she’ll really appreciate the full-on face shots that capture the moment.

5. Bring props.

If you know well enough in advance, make the newly engaged couple a cute DIY sign to hold up for a final photo that will advertise that they are official! You can find plenty of ideas on Etsy and Pinterest.

6. Take LOTS of photos…

Even after she’s said yes, keep shooting! Let the happy couple choose the best ones to share later.

7. Bring tissues.

Have the engagee cry enough tears for the ‘a-ha!’ photo and then hand over the tissue/mascara savers

8. Light ‘em up!

You need lots of light. Light is your best friend; this excludes candlelight.

9. Test your flash beforehand to see how bright it is.

If it looks bad, don’t use it. And, if you use flash, remember–it may take your phone a bit to reload to take that next photo.

10. Ask the couple’s permission first if you want to post on social media.

After all, the couple may want to be the one to announce to the world what just occurred!