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Love Couple: Toddreana and Anttwon Thames

Bride’s Name: Toddreana Thames

Bride’s Occupation: Cake Designer

Groom’s Name: Anttwon Thames

Groom’s Occupation: Commercial Driver

Wedding Date and Location: October 8, 2016 —Garland, TX


Tell us your love story: Bride: I first met Anttwon 12 years ago through a mutual friend. I was dating a guy that knew him. I posted an old photo on social media and Anttwon messaged me and we began talking everyday.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Bride: I had always had a crush on Anttwon, but I never acted on it. I use to kinda stalk his social media pages and “like” all of his photos. After Anttwon started visiting me everyday for 4 months. I knew he was the one. After meeting his two daughters and they told him he should marry me, he said it confirmed his heart’s desires.

How did he propose? Bride: Anttwon’s mother came to Dallas for a visit and he had me thinking he just wanted to get both of our families together. My mother catered a special dinner and transformed her home to look like a restaurant. It was beautiful! Anttwon got on one knee and popped the question and I gladly said yes!

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day? Bride: Our vows meant a lot to us both. My 87-year-old grandfather walked me half way down the aisle where my father met me and walked me the rest of the way. I had always said I hoped my grandfather lived long enough to walk me down the aisle. I lost my grandmother less then 2 weeks before the wedding. So it was even more special that my grandfather was able to walk me down the aisle.

What’s the key to success in your relationship? Both: We are friends first. We respect each other. We continue to date. We are as one and we don’t talk about our business to anyone. What goes on in our home, stays in our home.

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