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The Finley Sisters

The Finley Sisters

50th Wedding Anniversary

Celebration: Forrest Place hotel in Rome, GA

Home: Rome, GA; Kansas City, MO; and Framingham, MA

• Originally featured in the Sept. 6, 1962 issue of JET, the Finley sisters (Emma, Irene and Juanita) married John Johnson, James Wilson, and Leroy Garnett, respectively— in a triple wedding. Irene was engaged first, followed by Emma and Juanita. With three weddings to finance, Irene suggested a shared ceremony. In celebration of their mutual milestone, the three couples re-created their cake-cutting pose with Oliver Garnett standing in for his late father Leroy. The sibling brides all agree their wedding was memorable, but especially got a kick out of watching the preacher mix up their names at the altar.