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Talk Back: Lover’s Lament

Credit: Thinkstock

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I saw this SUPER fine black man today. And honey, was he fine. Why didn’t I holler at him? Oh… Wait… I’m a beautiful black woman! We don’t holler at men! We sit pretty, and wait… and wait…. AND wait, and let them holler at us right? I know, I know! Everyone will revert and say, “HE who finds a woman…”

We all know how that ends. And I am a true believer in that verse… But why is it not “cool” for a woman to approach a man and say something like, “Well hello sir, you’re looking mighty fine today. I surely would not mind seeing how you look on the other days of the week. Can we make that happen?”

That’s too cheesy? Okay wait… *clears throat* What about, “Excuse me sir, I want you. Do you think it’s possible for me to have what I want?” That’s too sleazy? I don’t know if I want to remain on the hump of “if only” because IF ONLY I would have had enough guts to walk up like the guys do, I would not be sitting here on my sofa, chilling, watching Monday night football by myself.

I possibly could have been out on a date watching it, or better yet, had someone to call up and have a decent conversation with for a few hours. *sighs* When does what anyone else say, think, or feel, become irrelevant? Instead, let what you want to say, think, or feel become relevant! Furthermore, who said because I approached him I wanted to make him my lifelong husband? Although, he was fine enough to be so. I’m talking tall, dark, built like he’s been working out and running marathons all his life.

Nice eyes, white teeth, and a grin that could make the heart smile and sing a lullaby. He was dressed like a grown man in a nice pair of slacks and a button up. He was just sexy. Now I know we’re in this “No New Friends” era, but all the ladies know, there is nothing like a new guy friend. But I blew it…Blew it because my pretty little ego was afraid of rejection. I was afraid he would turn me down. Had he done that, I would have been embarrassed. But who cares? I don’t! Not anymore I don’t! PLUS, had he turned ME down, it would have been his loss much more than mine because I have it going on, little would he had known! It’s okay.

I’ll take him as a loss. I will see another dark chocolate guy I want and you better believe I’m taking him… As long as he’s single that is. Because today, I saw a FINE black man, and I’m not letting anymore pass me by!