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Solo Weddings? Um, No Thanks!

Cupcakes wedding style Credit: Thinkstock

We are socialized, as young women, to believe that a wedding is one of the biggest days of your life.

And I for one, am not here, to disabuse anyone of that notion.  Love is beautiful!

But what I am here to say is that weddings are for two people joining as one.

It’s not an occasion for you to just put on a fancy dress, hire a stand-in and throw yourself a shin dig.  But that is what some women in Japan are doing according to this “solo wedding” trend piece which details companies that arrange:” a two day trip to fit the woman for a wedding dress, choose their flower arrangements, get pampered, and even choose a man to pose with them in their ‘wedding photos.’  It may not be cheap, but for the equivalent of $2,750 American dollars, you are still saving a lot more than you would on a real wedding.”

Surely, you can do it.  Technically.

What am I going to do, knock the bouquet out of your hand or chase off your pretend groom?

But before you pay any sort of currency for this service, please remember that a wedding is simply the party before marriage.  If all you are worried about is fluffing it up in a dress and taking pretty pics, you are headed the wrong way down a path to sorrow.

Please tell me that this is one of those trend stories where about six folks sheepishly raised their hands when asked if they went and got hitched to faux partners as a (cough, cough) celebration of themselves.

Because if there are even 10 people who did this, I am embarrassed on their behalf.  Carry on.