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The Single Man’s Guide to the Holidays

Seeing all of these beautiful examples of Black love can make a single man like me feel a bit alienated during this holiday season.

I know there are other men likely going through the same emotions, which can be a little tough on the heart and the ego. With that said, I have found therapeutic solutions, as I patiently await God’s revealing of my future wife, to make sure I get out and enjoy some of the many amenities a great city like Atlanta has to offer and manufacture my own forms of entertainment.

Here are a few examples I’d like to share to help other single men find their zone during this time of the year:

1. Have holiday functions at a neutral location with other single acquaintances.
When you are in the company of others who share the same status as you, it takes away the pressure of being single and the focus is now on having a good time.

2. Go to a scenic location and revisit the goals you have for your life.
For me, I look out of my window at the view of the whole city and it allows me to reflect on my path, thus far, and continuously tweak and adjust my specific goals, both short and long term. This helps me stay focused on my path of progression for the coming year.

3. Dive into hobbies that make you happy.
Aside from being a radio personality, I am a drummer! Being behind a drum kit provides me serenity. Whatever it is that internally makes you smile, dive into it and focus on allowing that outlet to strengthen your soul.

4. Work out, but to a heightened level.
I exercise to the point of physical fatigue. This is a concept of “over training” that I adopted from world-renowned fitness guru Mike Rashid. When you take your body to the point of physical fatigue, it releases a higher level of endorphins than it does when you work out with normal intensity, which creates a longer lasting effect on your mind, mood, and spirit. The endorphins your body releases during exercise is what causes you to feel sharper, more positive, and more confident.

5. Treat yourself to a high-end bachelor’s gift.
‘Tis the season of giving, so who says you can’t give a gift to yourself? Buy those collector’s edition sneakers you’ve always wanted, or season tickets to your favorite team’s games, those fancy cigars you’ve desired, or that video game console that you’ve been eyeing for the past few months. Whatever your heart desires, this is a great time to reward yourself for the year you’ve had and for what’s to come in the year ahead.

And there you have it, a few options for my fellow single brothas out there to help you navigate your mind and soul through this holiday season with all positivity and optimism.

About Jarard Johnson

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Living “radio life” to the fullest since 2001, Jarard Johnson is riding you around Atlanta every weekend afternoon on V-103 FM from 2-6pm Saturday’s and 3-6pm Sundays. Jarard began his radio career in Phoenix at Power 98.3 FM first as the night show host for four years, then as the Afternoon Drive host for 7 years until his departure from Phoenix in 2012. He achieved a consistent #1 ranking in 2 different time slots while in Phoenix, and he currently sits as the #1 rated weekend afternoon jock in Atlanta. Jarard is single and has no children. He attended Arizona State University where he studied Meteorology, and played Tailback on the 1996 conference championship football team which appeared in the 1997 Rose Bowl. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @Jarard_J.