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Sharon Barksdale & Cameron Carr

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Sharon Barksdale & Cameron Carr

Venue: Stonehenge Golf & Country Club in Midlothian, VA

Honeymoon: Punta Canta, Dominican Republic

Home: Chesterfield, VA

• Sharon is a prosecutor for the City of Richmond. Cameron is a power plant operator for Ingenco. Although they knew each other in middle school, the duo didn’t become a couple until their last years of high school. Cameron recognized that Sharon was the one when she came to say good-bye before leaving for college, and he didn’t want to see her go. The soulmates continued dating while Sharon was pursuing her undergraduate and law degrees and over the years they’ve learned to compromise, apologize and practice unconditional love.

He knew he was in love when…

Sharon left his home to leave for college in Atlanta, Georgia. Sharon had never seen him cry before, but on this day, he could not hold in his tears. He sat on his porch steps and watched her drive away and it broke a little piece of his heart.

She knew she was in love when…

There wasn’t any particular moment that I can remember when I’d say at that moment is when I realized I loved Cameron, but I knew he was the one for me because he helped to calm my Type A personality and to teach me to be less selfish. Despite all of the struggles that a couple goes through when they begin to date young, we remained with each other and each year that we tackled new challenges, we were able to overcome them and maintain our commitment to each other.

In 10 years we will

Have enjoyed the earlier years of our marriage by traveling to our dream vacation spots and will be settled in a home and have two children.

Before the groom got married, he wishes someone had told him…

To always listen more carefully to the things that your wife says because although you may not want to hear it, you often need to hear it, and there’s nothing wrong with taking someone else’s advice, especially your partner. (A reference to Cameron getting sick during our honeymoon after I told him that a particular food item looked suspicious).

Before the bride got married, she wishes someone had told her…

There isn’t anything that I wish someone had told me, but a piece of advice that my co-worker gave me was to pull Cameron away after we got married just to enjoy a few minutes with each other because the remainder of the evening will go by so fast that you will wonder, “Did I even get married because I haven’t seen my husband all night?” I appreciated that piece of advice and kept it in mind on our wedding day, so that I cherished the moment that was in the making for eight years.

Our favorite activity to do together is…

Laying in the bed and watching either anything on HGTV or The Chew.

Our nicknames for each other are…

We don’t have nicknames for each other.

Our favorite place to spend time together is…

At Carabba’s eating our favorite Italian meal.

Our song is… 

“Sweetest Love” by Robin Thicke.

Our perfect date night is

Sharing one of Sharon’s home-cooked meals and talking over dinner, and ending the night with a Redbox movie and our dog cuddled on the couch.