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Ruth Manier & Charles Manier

Ruth & Charles Manier

Ruth Manier & Charles Manier

54th Wedding Anniversary

Celebration: Marriott Hotel in Detroit, MI

Home: Detroit, MI

• Ruth is a retired teacher/library media specialist for Detroit Public Schools. Charles is a retired foreman/supervisor for Ford Motor Co. They met at age 9 at a church youth convention and kept in contact through the mail. Over 60 years later, the best friends say mutual respect is the key to their relationship.

He knew that he was in love when we had similar interests.

She knew she was in love when we had the same morals and spiritual values.

In 10 years we will be married 64 years.

Before the groom got married, he wishes someone had told him Ruth was so talkative.

Before the bride got married, she wishes someone had told her how easily Charles gets angry.

Our favorite activity to do together is sing, and play the piano and organ.

Our nicknames for each other are “honey” and “sweetie,” because we thought each other were that special.

Our favorite place to spend time together is church.

Our song is “Just The Two of Us”

Our perfect date night is Sunday.