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Kiss & Make Up: 5 Tips to Repairing An Argument

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Let’s face it ladies, we screw up too.

Making up after a lover’s quarrel can be difficult. However, it is worth the sacrifice. Here are some tips for placing your pride aside and getting back to your mate’s good love after a heated argument.

1) Give it two.

Fresh fallouts require some space. Two weeks is usually long enough to let your significant other breathe, blow off some steam and open up to a rational discussion. Remember, beneath their tough exterior, men are sensitive too. Allow him some time to collect his thoughts and deal with the hurt and emotions in his own way.

2) Think it through.

Distance is great for reflection. While separated from your love, assess what happened. What led to the blow up? What did he say? What didn’t he like? Were there any signs beforehand? What could you have done differently? Answering these questions honestly will give you the necessary clarity to discuss what caused the disagreement in the first place when the time comes.

3) Work on you.

Since your time away has suspended the normal #Netflixandchill schedule, you may have some extra evenings on your hands. Make it positive and focus on you. Start working out again, try that hair color you peeped on Instagram and plan a girl’s night out to catch up with friends. A little fun does the healing heart good.

4) Apologize.

A few words can go a long way. Once you and bae are on speaking terms again, don’t waste time getting to around to saying, “Sorry.” Assure him that you won’t repeat the offensive behavior (and mean it). Also, even if you don’t feel you were the culprit, accept responsibility for how he feels.

5) Plan a romantic night.

You’ve got his attention, so now it’s time to turn up the heat. Think dinner, champagne, candles and stilettos. Lacy lingerie is optional. Pull out all the stops to show him how much you’ve missed him. And don’t forget the pancakes in the morning.

Love is all about communication and compromise. If you take a wrong turn in your relationship, remember we all make mistakes. You’re growing and so is he. Talk, take action and work to resolve the issue(s). Your love is too good to waste time on opposite sides of the bed. Remember, it’s not about 50/50. Solid, healthy, and loving relationships are always 100/100.

Caressa J is a sought after relationship, grief & loss expert. She is also the Founder and President of Life Savers United, Inc., a Washington, DC-based nonprofit with a mission to give hope, heal broken hearts and save lives through increased education, aid, and advocacy for those who have experienced grief and loss in their lives. Learn more at, and follower her on Instagram.