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Michele & Rick Tingling-Clemmons

Michele and Rick Tingling-Clemmons

30th Wedding Anniversary

Home: Washington, D.C.

What have you learned about marriage over the years?

“Unity really does come from struggle,” says Michele. “The challenge is to identify the correct answer or idea, not to prove oneself is right.”

Why is your spouse still the one for you?

She has proven over 30 years to be the prettiest, the smartest and most faithful human being,” boasts Rick.

What legacy do you hope your marriage will leave?

“That two people can work together to build a world that is hopefully better than we found it,” Michele shares.

He knew he was in love when…

She first met and played with my kids.

She knew she was in love when…

We talked about family and his views about how it was the building block of society and how his children were the most important people in the world to him.

In 10 years we will…

Have enjoyed each others company in marriage for 40 years!

Before the groom got married, he wishes someone had told him…

How happy, how secure, how complete and how satisfied he would be.

Before the bride got married, she wishes someone had told her…

How exciting and thrilling it would be.

Our favorite activity to do together is…

Traveling and engaging in political activity and social justice.

Our nicknames for each other are…

“Mama” for Michele because she expertly carries out those functions. “‘Baby,’ for Rick  because he is mine, even though I have to share him,” says Michele.

Our favorite place to spend time together is…

The bathtub where she scrubs his back and he pumices her feet while they laugh, joke and plot their response to the challenges of life.

Our song is…

“Jinji” by Jon Lucien.

Our perfect date night is…

Going to our favorite restaurant and sharing a bowl of roast duck and mustard green soup.

  • Daphne Roach

    Hi Miichele, are the same Michele who once, lived on E. Capital Street, S.E., 1979, 1980?

  • charles e donegan

    that was a sweet interview! michelle,sorry to hear about your mother.she and your dad werevery gpod friends to patty and i.

  • michelle,sorry to hear about your mother.she and your dad werevery gpod friends to patty and i.