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Love Couple: Melanie and Damond Bowers

by Marco Antonio Photography

Bride’s Name: Melanie Bowers

Bride’s Occupation: Public Relations Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Groom’s Name: Damond Bowers

Groom’s Occupation: Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Wedding Date and Location: September 11, 2016 —Grosse Pointe, Michigan


by Marco Antonio Photography

Tell us your love story: Bride: We met at the gym. Damond actually approached my mother at our local Power House Gym offering help on one of the machines. My mom took a liking to Damond and introduced us to each other.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Groom: I always knew Melanie was the one. I wanted to marry her as soon as we met. When we were dating, I took her to her favorite Italian restaurant, gave her a ring, and asked Melanie to be my girlfriend. I loved her at first sight!

How did you propose? Groom: I had the proposal mapped out in my head. I was supposed to propose at the same Italian restaurant I took Melanie to when I asked her to be my girlfriend, but her mother was sick, so I proposed to her in front of all of our family and friends.  Bride: He was so nervous he forgot to pull out the ring!

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day? Bride: The most memorable moment was when I looked at Damond’s face while walking down the aisle. His eyes told the story of his soul that day. He was proud, he was happy, he was over the moon! The chemistry was like our first kiss. It was magical!

What’s the key to success in your relationship? Both: Communication is key. Never stop communicating no matter what.

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