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Lyndsay Levingston & Bradford Christian

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Lyndsay Levingston & Bradford Christian

Venue: Brentwood Baptist Church in Houston, TX

Honeymoon: None

Home: Jersey City, NJ

• Lyndsay is a multimedia/PR professional. Bradford is a senior marketing executive. The two met at a fundraiser party and after talking and dancing, Brad asked Lyndsay for her phone number. The lovebirds started dating and nine months into their relationship they attended Lyndsay’s sorority sister’s wedding. When the time came for the garter toss, Brad grabbed it then promptly got on one knee and presented Lyndsay with a ring. Her tears of joy were accompanied with a simple head nod, “yes.”

He knew he was in love when he wanted to be Lyndsay’s man, and not THE man.

She knew she was in love when she realized Brad opened his heart to her and approached their courtship with complete honesty.

In 10 years we will have a loving family of two to three kids and highly successful careers.

Before the groom got married, he wishes someone had told him how much he would be blessed as a husband (he wishes he had married Lyndsay sooner).

Before the bride got married, she wishes someone had told her that she doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.

Our favorite activities to do together are pray, worship and watch re-runs of Martin (we know every line of every episode!).

Our nicknames for each other are “Schnookums” and “Honeybun” just because…we are silly.

Our favorite place to spend time together is in Harlem, where we met.

Our song is “When God Gave Me You” (Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Album).

Our perfect date night is a night on the town in Manhattan (with lots of laughter!).