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Love Couple: Shawn and Kim Narcisse

Bride’s Name: Kim Narcisse

Bride’s Occupation: Project Administrator

Groom’s name: Shawn Narcisse

Groom’s Occupation: Teacher

Wedding Date & Location: August 22, 2015 — Missouri City, Texas

Honeymoon: San Jose Del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Tell us your love story: Groom: I was celebrating a friend’s birthday at a restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day (2013) when I saw Kim as she was leaving with her friends. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her she was a beautiful woman. As we were both outside walking to leave the restaurant, she happened to turn around, not knowing I was behind her. We stopped and talked for about 30 minutes and ended up exchanging numbers. She offered me a ride to my car, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.


How did he propose? Groom: I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day at one of our favorite happy hour restaurants. I reserved the wine cellar, because she always talked about how much she loved the room. I took her to a sushi bar next door to where I was going to propose to throw her off a bit. I was really stalling and killing time until her parents arrived. I received a text from her parents saying that they were at the restaurant. I told Kim I wanted to go next door. She thought we were headed to the bar, but I turned her around to the wine cellar. When she saw her parents sitting at the table, she was so surprised. As she sat down, I start playing and singing “Share My Life” by Kem to her on one knee. Then I asked her to marry me, and she said YES! We were all so happy and excited!

What’s the key to the success of your relationship? Bride and Groom: The key to the success of our relationship is open communication, trust, respect, and keeping God first.

Why do you want to be included in JET love? Bride and Groom: We want to be included in JET Love to show the world that Black love still exists and to be a part of JET’s dynamic legacy of Black love. We have a true love story and being in JET Love will give us the opportunity to share our love story and hopefully encourage others who are wanting to find true love and happiness with someone.