JET Love

Love Couple: Myra & Darnell Walker

Bride’s name: Myra Walker

Bride’s Occupation: Fashion Designer/International Flight Attendant

Groom’s name: Darnell Walker

Groom’s Occupation: Corporate Consulting

Wedding Date & Location: July 11, 2015 — Queen Mary Long Beach, CA

Honeymoon: Greek Isles, Athens Greece

Tell us your love story: Bride Answering: We met 37,000 feet in the air on a flight from Los Angeles to Japan. A dear friend and fellow flight attendant who was also working the flight, was compelled to make our paths cross and took it upon herself to create that opportunity during the flight. She convinced me to work her area so that I could serve him. She kept saying, he needs to see you.

When did each of you know that your partner was the one?

Bride: I knew when he showed himself to be a man of his word. His follow through was impeccable. I’d like to say I knew right away, but at my age, I had to make sure he was the person he projected himself to be, a man of integrity, and he is. So I’d say about 6 months in.

Groom: About 8 months after dating.

Why should you be included in JET Love?

Bride: Hundreds of people have told us that our relationship has been a beacon of light and an inspiration for true love. We have both been through some challenging times and though neither one of us were looking for love, God had a plan, and love found us, which is why our relationship, wedding and marriage is now a “True Love After 50.”